The Promoter shall undertakes to make a decision upon the recommendation of the Jury and within one (1) month from the date of the announcement of the winning of the Ideas Design Competition and Master Plan Design Competition, make payment the prizes and honoraria to the eligible winners as per the stated manner;

Stage 1

No honoraria shall be given in Stage 1 of the competition. All cost incurred by the Project Team for any documentation works, visiting of sites etc shall be borne by the interested project team itself.

Stage 2

The Top 10 Qualified Participants will be given honoraria of USD 15,000.00 each. The honoraria shall be subjected to compliance of all requirements set in the Terms of Reference.

Stage 3

For the Selected 5 Entries for Stage 3, all participants will be receive prizes and honoraria as follows:-

a.An honoraria to all 5 selected entries of USD 60,000.00 each; and

b.To the participant whose proposal is judged and to be worthy of winning the FIRST PRIZE by the Jury, a prize of USD 50,000.00 and a certificate;


If in the opinion of the Jury, that none of the entries meet the expected standard, the Jury may reserve the right not to award any of the prizes and the decision would be solely at the discretion of the Jury. The Promoter reserves the right to appoint any of the prize winners to prepare the Master Plan submission to the Local Authorities.

The Promoter is not obligated to adopt the Master Plan and implement the development, but reserves the rights to adopt the winning schemes for implementation in future



Malaysian Institute of Planners



Bandar Malaysia